The stage is set up on the Woodstock town square.


Although traffic is restricted during the festival, vehicles are still on the roads and can be difficult to see/hear due to the crowds and music. Please ensure that pets and young children are supervised at all times!


This is a free non ticketed festival...just turn up at Woodstock Town Square and enjoy! 

Woodstock Live is a fun, family festival that is open to people (and pets) of all ages. We rely on the cooperation and goodwill of Woodstock's residents in order to keep the festival going so please respect our town!


The festival will run from 1pm-10pm on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August. There is minimal seating available on the Town Square which is on a first come first served basis.

To find out what time various acts are performing, please see our line up.

  • 'The Bar on The Square' offers a wide variety of alcoholic and soft drinks. Organisers and helpers give their time for free. Musicians perform for free, but we do have costs that mount each year. We are grateful for donations and sponsorship, but the largest contribution to the running of the festival is made by profits from our special Woodstock Live Bar.

  • 'Oxford Crèpes' will be offering their fantastic crèpes over the weekend.
  • 'The Star Inn' will serve BBQ style food from the front of their premises
  • Many other bars and restaurants will have special festival offerings and we thank them for their support.

Public toilets are available in 'Browns Lane' next to The Star Inn - you will need a 20 pence piece!


Please use the bins provided for your rubbish and recycle where possible.

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