Everyone involved in organising and running the festival puts their time and effort in for you can blame or thank:

Greg Hooper, Katja Behrens, Chris Bayne, Oli Lanestead,  Jack Walker, Jerome Jones.


We would also like to pay tribute to the founding committee: Chris Baylis, Dennis Allen, Simon Stafford, Rod Craig, Andy Mitchell, John Cunningham, Claire Crowther and Mike Thomas, without whom, so many great things in Woodstock just wouldn't be happening!

The team would like to give special thanks to...


  • All of the wonderful people who volunteer to work the bar, collect rubbish, and other bits and bobs over the festival weekend. 

  • The very understanding residents of Woodstock,

  • The businesses and those who sponsor us - without whom the festival wouldn't be possible.

If you would like to get in touch, please email or fill out the form below...

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